“Proximity and social link” services

“Seechomes” service & “déei kleng Seechomes”.

The services provided by our organisations promote the social link by providing locally-focused activities.

We respond to requests made by persons resident in our partner municipalities:

  • single people or couples (60+ years of age).
  • persons with a proven disability (no age limit).
  • hospitalised persons or those needing a period of rest.
  • single parents, with at least one child (-12 years of age).
  • persons recommended by the College of Aldermen or the Social Office.

Services offered by Seechomes

  • Gardening
  • Recycling
  • Maintenance and storage
  • Minor renovation work
  • Mobility
  • + “winter season”: snow clearance, cutting and storage (firewood)…

The “Seechomes” services are available from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 16:00, by appointment. Services provided to a user may not exceed the limit of 4 hours/ 1 visit/ per week.

The fee charged is: (STRASSEN CIGL asbl) 12 euros excluding VAT/person/hour. (STRASSEN CIGL asbl) 11 euros excluding VAT/person/hour. The use of machines is billed at 3 euros excluding VAT/ machine/ hour. Journey time is not billed. The “snow clearance service” is billed at 8.50 euros including taxes/ service provided on 1 occasion (price includes labour, material used and salt).

Services offered by déi kleng Seechomes

  • Domestic help for private homes and interior spaces.
  • Personalised assistance (taking pets for walks, reading newspaper, administrative assistance etc.).
  • Mobility support: escort service/ medical visits, courses.

The “déi kleng Seechomes” team will reply to any request, whether for a one-off service or a regular commitment. (maximum 4 hours/ week/ user).

The fee charged is 12 euros, excluding tax, per person per hour. The use of machines is billed at 3 euros/machine/ hour. Journey time is not billed.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We will find a solution together.

Tel. 26 10 35 19 (KOPSTAL CIGL) or Tel. 26 30 21 19 (STRASSEN CIGL)

For major projects we can refer you to local businesses.